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Charcoal Toothpaste – An Alternative To Regular Toothpaste Brands

Is charcoal toothpaste an alternative to regular toothpaste brands? Sometimes, regular toothpaste may not serve the purpose as much as one likes. This led to the growing popularity and use of charcoal toothpaste, which can act as an alternative to regular toothpaste, though complete substitution has not been recommended yet due to lack of substantial evidence.

Why Charcoal Toothpaste as An Alternative?

These charcoal toothpastes use an activated form of charcoal which have a porous surface. These nooks and pores act as a magnet for other foreign substances and absorb them, which can be washed away upon rinsing thoroughly. There are different schools of thoughts regarding the alternative of using charcoal toothpaste instead of regular ones. But, the most popular theory says that because of this absorbing property of charcoal, it can be used to remove the extrinsic stains caused by tea, coffee, food particles etcetera and so can be used to whiten teeth.

Activated charcoal and veneers

Some people claim that charcoal can even detoxify the mouth by removing the plaque, food particle, and bacteria which are mainly responsible for causing bad breath. This holds true to some extent, but they definitely do not detoxify the way our liver and kidney does.

Since the market of charcoal toothpaste is expanding day by day, many new advances are being made every day to integrate all the contents of the regular toothpaste to it which plays a major role in preventing decay of tooth and also adding suitable flavors to it so that you feel fresh after you brush.

As of now, complete substitution is not advised, and it can rather be used as a supplement to the regular one. Thus, it can be safely said that charcoal toothpaste has a lot of merit on its own and can act as a successful alternative in the future. One can use the charcoal toothpaste as an added precaution for their teeth but yet not advised to use it solely.


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