About Jessica

Jessica S.


My name is Jessica and I am interested in health and beauty products. I built discovercharcoaltoothpaste.org to convey my own results with using activated charcoal. As a natural health product enthusiast, I have used charcoal for multiple purposes. It is a detoxifying agent that I love to use. In the past, I have used face masks, toothpaste and detox tablets.

I used to be a very unhealthy person in my 20’s and I knew I needed to change. When I got married to Aaron, the love of my life :), I learned about natural health foods and supplements. My husband Aaron is a marathon runner as well as cyclist competitor. He had health issues and Crohn’s disease and learned how to live healthier.

Aaron and I love to use health products. I am obviously more into the beauty aspect than he is though :). When I decided to try activated charcoal products, my health improved. Using it on my teeth is probably the best way I have used this wonderful black powder in the past. I currently use it to this day and am very happy with the results and stain removal on my teeth.

I built this blog to inform every one of the wonderful health benefits of natural and organic products. We can all learn to live healthier lives with the use of products that work