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Active Carbon Toothpaste

There are quite a few inventions in the market right now that has taken a clue or two from the ancient times and the use of charcoal in toothpaste is one of them. You definitely must have heard about people putting charcoal on their teeth and rubbing it vigorously to keep them clean. We have moved on from the barbaric vigorous rubbing part, but we have taken the cue of using charcoal as a raw material to integrate with toothpaste to give a clean and fresh feeling to the teeth.

This led to the invention of active carbon toothpaste, and it is safe to say that it has proven to be as effective as it claims to be. Thousands of users all over the world have vouched for the fact that they felt that their teeth were whiter than before after using it for almost a week itself.

What Is Active Carbon Toothpaste?

Instead of the regular toothpaste, it is a particular type of toothpaste that uses activated charcoal in it. Activated charcoal is treated with charcoal products that have pores in them which can absorb anything it touches. Therefore, it removes plaque and deposits from the mouth which are genuinely responsible for bad breath.

It is also useful to remove extrinsic stains caused by excessive smoking and for people who are used to drinking too much tea and coffee throughout the day. One aspect of this toothpaste is it is only able to remove the stains caused by external reasons, intrinsic stains due to some genetic defect or birth deficiency cannot be removed by this. It also removes any microbes that are present on the surface of the teeth thus preventing further decay.

Who Can Use This Toothpaste?

  • People who want uniformly white teeth with almost immediate effect.
  • People with bad breath.
  • People with extrinsic stains on their teeth.
  • People who tend to get a lot of decay and cavities.
  • Can be used as an adjuvant with regular toothpaste, not necessarily as a substitute.

Using carbon toothpaste can get a little messy as the technique is a little sensitive but once you do master it, getting those pearly whites back is just a matter of time.

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