Does charcoal toothpaste work

Does Charcoal Toothpaste Work?

If you are following all the recent health trends, then you must have heard of Charcoal toothpaste various times. If you are wondering does charcoal toothpaste work, well it does. Many find it difficult to believe that this black toothpaste on their toothbrush will do some wonders to their teeth. However, a lot of people are trying activated charcoal toothpaste for better whitening of their teeth.

Why Charcoal toothpaste brighten teeth?

The charcoal pores easily bind with the rough parts like plaque and stains on the teeth surface and make it easier to get rid of the yellow substances. Once you apply the Charcoal toothpaste and leave it for few minutes, it sticks to the teeth surface and all the unwanted minerals on the teeth and once removed, it takes all those substances with it. This makes the teeth clean and shiny.

How is charcoal made?

Charcoal is made of carbon. It is made from coal, wood and other natural substances. Activated charcoal is made by combining high temperature with gas or any active agent which increases the surface area of charcoal.

Doing this, it becomes a powerhouse of porous material that attracts any impurities around it like a magnet and holds them into its pores. Due to this characteristic of the charcoal and activated charcoal, this substance is used for sucking any impurities from your teeth.

In early 90’s, for the same characteristic of activated charcoal, WHO made this an essential medicine for the treatment of overdose and poisoning.

So, to answer the obvious question “Does charcoal toothpaste work?” we have explained the physical formation of the charcoal, and its working principle and both indicate that it does work. You can see that there is an obvious reason why medical science is now adopting charcoal for many treatments along with teeth whitening and so should you. Bring this black toothpaste home and see the magic when opposites collide.

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