best activated charcoal for teeth


When someone one plans to buy charcoal toothpaste for the first time, the obvious question they have is “Does charcoal toothpaste taste bad.”

Recently, charcoal toothpaste has emerged as an eligible alternative for regular ones, and it has been gaining popularity over the years, mainly because customers are looking for alternative methods to whiten their teeth. One question that lingers at the hindsight though is whether these kinds of toothpaste give that refreshing feel to your mouth after brushing or does charcoal toothpaste taste bad.


Going by the popular reviews of some of the users, it can be safely assumed that though charcoal in itself has a bitter taste to it, bordering on being called “gross” by some, but when manufactured in the form of a toothpaste, it has a strong mint flavor which is added as a flavoring agent, to make it more acceptable.

The main USP of a charcoal toothpaste is the addition of activated charcoal which is a treated form of charcoal and has a lot of porosities that can absorb whatever it comes in contact with, whether it be stains or plaque or food particles or bacteria. Thus, it has been found to be effective in removing the above-mentioned substances from the teeth, especially the extrinsic ones and aids in relative whitening of the tooth.


Many new companies are coming out with flavored charcoal toothpaste which promises to taste better while keeping all the positive characteristics of charcoal toothpaste.

One thing it has inculcated appropriately is the addition of the flavors to mask the taste of charcoal, in the form of mint, clove etcetera, thus improving the taste factor of it, making it easier for people to accept it more readily.

So, it can be said that the future of charcoal toothpaste is bright with many new companies are coming up with better taste and flavors and this will help the consumers to opt for charcoal toothpaste as an alternative to their regular ones.

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