Black charcoal toothpaste

Black Charcoal Toothpaste

The Black charcoal toothpaste has gained a lot of popularity nowadays. The modern times are changing rapidly, but sometimes it looks back and takes a cue from the past to reflect on the various benefits of the things of yesteryear. Charcoal toothpaste is an ideal example of this.

Earlier, people used to clean their teeth with charcoal, and it was not considered to be a healthy habit. But science has intervened and made a product called charcoal toothpaste, which uses cured activated charcoal as one of its primary raw materials. It is useful in giving the whitish appearance to your teeth uniformly.

What Is Black Charcoal Toothpaste?

As mentioned earlier, it is one type of toothpaste that integrates activated charcoal with other necessary ingredients which can be used regularly to make your teeth clean and white. Activated charcoal is black which is also imparted to the color of the toothpaste and has microscopic pores which can absorb anything on its way. Therefore, when applied judiciously on teeth, it removes stains, though only the external ones, bacteria, virus, plaque, deposits etcetera and gives a clean and fresh feel to the mouth.

The black charcoal toothpaste is therefore effective for people consuming tea and coffee regularly, people having bad breath due to the accumulation of deposits and plaque and people who are concerned about the esthetic of their teeth and want them to be clean.

What Are The Uses?

Like mentioned earlier, charcoal toothpaste does all the functions of a regular toothpaste along with additional ones like making the shade of teeth considerably lighter and giving it a uniform contrast. It is also used to remove bad breath from the mouth and is also useful in preventing cavities in the teeth as it removes the bacteria as well.

Smokers and heavy tea drinkers also benefit from this as the external stains are removed by using regularly. One thing that has not been proven is it’s effectiveness individually and thus, till now, it has only been used as adjuvant to regular toothpaste.


  • Whitens teeth effectively.
  • Removes deposits and plaque from the mouth
  • Gives a fresh feeling to the mouth by reducing bad breath.
  • Prevents cavities.


  • It is a little messy to use.
  • The abrasiveness of the toothpaste may wear off the enamel on prolonged or incorrect use.

Charcoal toothpaste has been catching up with its regular counterpart pretty well these days and due to the extensive research, the day is not far when it will completely substitute the toothpaste that we know today.

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