best activated charcoal for teeth

Best Activated Charcoal For Teeth

Putting something as black as charcoal on your teeth to get the sparkling white appearance sounds improbable, but best activated charcoal for teeth is the newest technique in the market to make your teeth shine like pearls. Well, it is not your regular charcoal. Instead, activated charcoal is used, which is a treated form of charcoal with pores in it giving it the inherent quality of absorbing anything it can, on its way.

Due to this phenomenon, it was earlier used as a medication for food poisonings and other toxins in the stomach. But now, the concept has been integrated into other substances as well, like toothpaste, tooth powder, gels, toothbrushes etcetera and when used judiciously, it gives you a whiter shade of teeth in no time at all.

The Best Activated Charcoal For Teeth

Now you may be wondering that there are so many options in the market and the internet right now so which is the best activated charcoal for teeth. You would want to look at and trust the rankings given by RDA to pick your choice. According to the RDA, teeth whitening, powder by Pro Teeth is the number one activated charcoal product for whitening teeth.

This laurel largely rests on the fact that not only does it remove stains from your teeth but also does not wear off your enamel layer for regular use. One more criterion for any ordinary man is the price factor, and this product seems to have checked the box even thereby being priced at a very reasonable rate.

Claims of Pro Teeth

Pro Teeth claims to use only the purest and the most natural of all ingredients without any artificial flavors or colors added to it, making it a completely vegan-friendly product and thus has found its preference with a large base of customers. It not only gives a uniform whiteness to the teeth, but it also effectively removes plaque and bacteria, changing the pH of the mouth in the process, and gives a fresh and healthy oral feeling.

Though like any other charcoal product, it has the disadvantage of becoming messy when not used properly but it is an underlying problem for all and once the technique is mastered even that is going to cease to be a problem.

The choice is not an easy one to make, but you have to place your trust somewhere to help you decide on which product to choose. Therefore, once you have identified the best activated charcoal product for your teeth, reaping the benefits out of it is just a matter of time.

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