tips for brushing with charcoal

Tips For Brushing With Charcoal

Right tips for brushing with charcoal is extremely important to get the best out of it. Today, people are adopting the new trend of using charcoal toothpaste or powder. They want to get white teeth without using conventional tooth whitening methods. For instance, it includes gel, strip, or other whitening kits. Regular toothpaste is causing damage to tooth enamel thus encouraging erosion. Long ago charcoal was beneficial to several treatments. Likewise, nowadays oral hygiene is following this tendency.

Charcoal Toothpaste – Is It Chaotic?

Initially, it may seem odd to brush the teeth with charcoal toothpaste, on the other hand, it works. Notwithstanding, the only drawback of brushing with charcoal is that it can make a mess in your bathroom. To point out, even a small amount of charcoal toothpaste or powder drop on the floor or bathroom sink will leave a black stain. Consequently, this will require thorough cleaning. Therefore, it is appropriate to be aware of tips for brushing with charcoal.

Simple Tips For Brushing With Charcoal

Henceforth, to limit chaos from charcoal toothpaste, there are clear-cut guidelines to follow.

  1. Wet the toothbrush.
  2. Place the toothbrush on top of a toilet paper or paper towel.
  3. Gently open the toothpaste or powder cover.
  4. Carefully, hold the toothbrush and start brushing.
  5. In the beginning, it will be a bit messy, but saliva will distribute it all over the teeth.
  6. Gradually brush the teeth in up and down directions and inwards.
  7. Periodically spit in a bowl rather than in the bathroom sink. This will prevent from staining the sink.
  8. Rinse the mouth thoroughly.
  9. Wash the toothbrush.
  10. In the end, brush the tongue to remove the dark color.
  11. Flush the wastewater in the toilet.
  12. Immediately clean the bathroom sink with warm water.

In the final analysis, tips for brushing with charcoal is extremely important to prevent untidiness. Eventually, following these straightforward rules and procedures will prevent a messy brushing procedure. On a final note, bear in mind not to wear clean clothes while brushing the teeth. As a result, the clothes will have a charcoal stain.

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