toothpaste color codes

What Do The Toothpaste Color Codes Mean?

Toothpaste color codes are the small colored cubes that appear on the bottom of the Toothpaste tube. There’s an urban legend that these color codes are used to identify the ingredients used in the toothpaste. The toothpaste is classified using four main toothpaste color codes.

Green Color Square – It identifies that this toothpaste is made of natural ingredients.

Blue Color Square – It identifies that this toothpaste is made of the mixture of medicine with natural ingredients.

Red Color Square – It identifies that this toothpaste is a mixture of natural and chemical compositions.

Black Color Square – This color on a toothpaste tube identifies that this container is filled with the toothpaste made out of pure chemicals.

True Purpose Of Color Codes

Color codes are used as indicators for the machinery which is used in industries to manufacture the packaging. The color code is interpreted by the machine to identify where to cut, bend and join the package, for the perfect fit for packaging material. These are different and vary for every brand out there in the market.

Benefits Of Having Toothpaste Color Codes

  • They are easy to interpret.
  • Since color codes are easy to interpret – they can help you save time.
  • Color codes are also used to identify the defective batch and the batch which is perfect.
  • Quality control of a product is determined, and issues are resolved with ease.

How Do You Know What Is In Your Toothpaste If Not Via Color Codes?

The answer to this question is quite simple, isn’t it? It’s common sense; there is always a chart on the tube which tells a consumer about the ingredients used in the products they are using/buying. Anything you are not sure about, don’t buy it. We best recommend you to consult your dental surgeon to advise you on which product is best for you and what product you should use.

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