Charcoal toothpaste in China

Charcoal Toothpaste In China

Charcoal toothpaste is gaining worldwide recognition, and people are starting to choose this method of teeth whitening as opposed to other, more expensive ones. Charcoal toothpaste in China is readily available, but it’s mostly imported from other companies. China doesn’t exactly have any rules against the sale of charcoal toothpaste, but it’s a new product on the market so getting it may be tricky. Nonetheless, we have reports that charcoal toothpaste is slowly gaining traction in China and it’s entirely justifiable and expected.

Now, let’s take a look at why this is the case and where you can get toothpaste in China.

Purchasing Charcoal Toothpaste in China

Black tar toothpasteIf you visit one of the most popular websites for buying things, Alibaba, you’ll find a wide variety of charcoal toothpaste brands for a reasonably small price. This doesn’t mean that the advertised product isn’t right or that it’s a scam; it means that it was purchased in bulk (which gives a discount on individual purchases).

You might already know how this works, but if not, you get a product for cheaper than if you were to buy it directly from the store.

Chinese Charcoal Toothpaste

Now, we aren’t saying that there aren’t any charcoal toothpaste brands that are Chinese. In fact, there’s more than a few. However, most of these are private brands that don’t operate outside of China and rarely have a website of their own. The reasons for this are, again, the end price. It’s all about keeping the consumer happy and satisfied which is why you’ll find plenty of internationally acknowledged charcoal toothpaste brands on sale, but not a lot of Chinese ones.


In the end, you’ll be able to find whichever brand you want. The Chinese are, as we said before, looking to manufacture more and more of this charcoal toothpaste and we’re sure that in a year or two, we’ll be looking at plenty of different brands looking to sell their version of charcoal toothpaste. Until then, you can try the lesser-known Chinese charcoal toothpaste, or maybe toothpaste that is popular and confirmed to work. Either way – you get something that works!

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