Charcoal toothpaste in Australia

Charcoal Toothpaste In Australia

Charcoal toothpaste is becoming an even more significant part of our lives, and it’s all because of the effects of activated charcoal. Conventional toothpaste protects the tooth and keeps it healthy, but it can’t whiten it. There are numerous procedures you could undertake to get your teeth whitened, but some are very expensive while others don’t work. Using charcoal toothpaste is the best way to whiten your teeth without paying vast amounts of money. Charcoal toothpaste in Australia is no different, and there are a couple of reputable and proven brands which offer charcoal toothpaste.

Let’s take a look at some of them:

Carbon Coco

Carbon Coco is one of the largest charcoal toothpaste brands in Australia. You could find multiple reviews and testimonials that prove that their charcoal toothpaste does wonders for teeth.

Carbon Coco has a fantastic assortment of charcoal toothpaste, and it isn’t expensive either. You also can purchase a complete ‘Coco Kit’ that features a toothbrush, charcoal toothpaste, a baggie, and a couple of other things. The price isn’t too shabby either, and it contains all the necessities one might want from a charcoal toothpaste brand.

Noir Body

Noir Body is a company that has entered the activated charcoal market with only one goal in mind: To be the best at creating and distributing charcoal toothpaste in Australia. And in our humble opinion, they’ve succeeded at this. Many people love shopping for charcoal toothpaste from Noir Body because they have constant discounts, charcoal toothpaste packs, a box of charcoal toothbrushes, and many other things.

Alongside Carbon Coco and our final entry, Noir Body takes the spot at the top as one of Australia’s best charcoal toothpaste brands.

My Magic Mud

This brand offers a different type of charcoal toothpaste; one that isn’t even toothpaste. Instead, they’ve decided to provide a tooth powder variant of the charcoal toothpaste. Using charcoal powder (which contains bentonite clay) is a slightly better choice than using charcoal toothpaste because you eliminate the possibility to damage your teeth enamel (which can get hurt if you brush your teeth too often with charcoal toothpaste).

No such issue is present here which is why My Magic Mud is a beloved brand.

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