charcoal gum for teeth whitening

Charcoal Gum For Teeth Whitening

In general, charcoal gum for teeth whitening is an invention, a discovery that predicts many beneficial results. Fortunately, there are several other types of charcoal oral care products. However, incorporating charcoal in gum is an innovative thought. Millions of people are proposing to have charcoal gum for teeth whitening.

What Is Charcoal Gum?

Initially, charcoal gum is a product that is not widely employed by consumers. A product in which granular form of charcoal is mixed with insoluble gum. It does not contain simple charcoal but activated charcoal. To emphasize, activated charcoal acquires enormous ultra-microscopic pores during its activation process. Hence, results in great absorptive properties.

To point out, charcoal gum has significant advantages. In the first instance, the activated charcoal absorbs the flavor during the chewing process. In such manner, it prolongs the flavor retention. Secondly, the gum is efficient to remove odors and toxins. Compared to charcoal toothpaste or power, charcoal gum does not blacken the tongue. Substantially, teeth whitening gum reduce the formation of specific dark stains. Such stains that dentist usually scratch off with dental tools. Since it contains abrasive ingredients, rubbing off stain is easier while chewing. Noticeable, charcoal gum not only brightens but also remineralize the teeth.

Pros And Cons


  • It is not messy
  • Reduce formation of dark stains
  • It does not darken the tongue.
  • Remove bad breath and toxic substances


  • There is no deep whitening effect

Who Should Use This?

Charcoal gum is suitable for people who don’t want alternatives such as charcoal toothpaste or powder. In fact, it utilizes organic ingredients for brilliant white teeth. Nowadays, every people are getting health conscious, and therefore they are opting for 100% chemical free products. Charcoal gum is safe for sensitive teeth. It is a natural tooth detoxifier which combats cavities, plaque, and bacteria.

In the final analysis, charcoal gum for teeth whitening is the safest and healthiest treatment for effective teeth whitening. Nevertheless, it is an alternative for brilliant teeth. Why choose to whiten strips or gels when charcoal gum for teeth whitening is already available. Therefore, be sure to think well before choosing the right one.

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